Warfare 1917
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Warfare 1917 : World War 1 in a Flash Game

By introducing interesting browser based games, Armor Games is now at hearts of Flash games. With Introduction of Warfare 1917, this company surely expanded its fan base. Upon its release, this strategy Flash Game which has been set during World War 1 received positive feedback.

Warfare 1917 is basically an action strategy flash game. It has been developed by Con Artist while it`s been published by. In this strategy game, players are provided the choice of choosing between German and British forces. This game overall shows context mimicking World War 2. However, the story is somewhat subtle but it`s common in Flash Games. Yes, you can jump right into the action without some long story tale. All you need to do is destroy the enemy faction and you win the game.


The interface is a bit low point as it makes 1/3 of your screen. Yes, you should expect blue zone with adverts for the rest of your screen. Start by selecting the standard campaign, but first have a brief look on custom mission screens. It provides a basic overview of Warfare 1917 unblocked game features. As for the faction, both sides play with same number of units. Level design is also kept simple with 2D battlefield. If you ever get tired from shooting you can check some, there are lots of great games there!

Gaming Mechanism

Player`s Main Objective is to push his enemies back and establish control over the ground. For this, the player needs to destroy the moral of his enemy team. In campaign, there are 8 missions and they are differentiated by barbed wire. The players have control over the following 4 in this game:

  • Train your Troops: Click on the Troop icon to build up more troops. Your click will trigger the all “cool downs” for your troop. After this cool down is finished, you can train more troops. Remember in this game, troops continue to advance until they see a trench or they are pinned by enemy gunfire.
  • Forward Your Troops after filling the Trench: After adding 3 units in trench, you can send your troops forward to take over enemy ground.
  • Lock your Trench: It only becomes active when the lock icon has been activated. Afterwards, your troop will advance towards the next trench.
  • Bomb your Enemy with Support Fire: It`s imprecise and also need to cool down. If your troops cannot clear a trench, bomb it and help your troops march forward.

Graphics and Sound

Considering it`s as a flash game, the Graphics were not colorful enough. In addition, the effects will also disappoint. After saying this, poor details in character and terrain is not a big issue. This game comes with 3 settings, these settings are low, medium and high. Hardware configuration will not make different for graphics, however it may improve the game`s performance. Sound just like graphic also failed to hit any high notes. Whenever a troop is dying, all you will hear is some low quality screams. Here are some notable bugs you need to be aware of!

  • Troops trapped in the Trench: Low Frequency
  • Trench has been locked: Low Frequency
  • Sound Setting is not applied: High Frequency
  • Wrong Mission Number Appears: High Frequency
Campaign End

As for a flash game, Warfare 1917 ending is somewhat disappointing. Yes, you won`t see a celebration instead just a simple panel with campaign statistics. I would also use the opportunity to presend you the best online soccer games website which can be accessed by clicking on the link.

Final Take

Considering all aspects, Warfare 1917 game is full of fun. When playing this addictive flash game, you won`t notice the time. I may not be wrong to say but you won`t notice the hours passing by as you are engaged in campaign as well as in custom missions. The gameplay is a bit challenging but it`s until you learn about its mechanism. If you want to play some soccer games you need to check Sports Head Football Championship

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